The stainless steel cookware are basically customized. We have tools / moulds for pretty much every existing pot shapes in the market – straight, belly, apple, cone (conical), square, etc. And we offer sizes from 12cm to 40cm in diameter. Knowing we have such resources on hand, customers can play with every single detail of the pot: lid, rim, thickness, height, material, surface finish, bottom capsule detail, handles & knob, and packaging. However, if you feel a little hard or frustrated with so many choices and decisions to be made, we can help recommend proper pans and pots at your ideal purchasing price after knowing your truely and deep desire. Tailored design on packaging can be offered as well. Since there’s no enough room for us to list all the cookware combination on our website,  feel free to contact with us for more photos or details, and let us know your requirements and help you with all those choices.